Sunday, August 29, 2010

How To Make Golf Less Boring, by Lyla

I'm going to assume there's some sort of significant golf event going on, since there've been a lot of lovely green lawns and low-talking announcers and carefully-timed soft claps coming from our TV as of late. Lyla will occasionally glance up to yell "get in the hole!" or inquire "what's his name?" when somebody interesting appears on the screen.

Yesterday Tiger Woods was being interviewed, and Lyla looked over at the TV and asked in her playful voice, "who's that funny guy?" I said, "you know who he is... what's his name?" She paused for a moment, then told me, "ummmmm... Lion!"

It's a very special person who can make me laugh that hard about something golf-related. And as for Tiger, he got off pretty easy, I think... many people would have come up with a less noble animal to substitute for his name, these days. Although my friend Niki suggested on Facebook that perhaps "Lyin" was what Lyla actually meant. ;)

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