Monday, August 23, 2010

The mind of a toddler...

Lyla loves to pretend. Some days she's a kitty-cat, sometimes a doggy (who will only answer to Neko, Connor's Boston Terrier's name), other times a butterfly. The other day she was a birdie. I said, "Oh hi, Birdie! What are you doing?" as she "flew" around the house, and she happily explained, "I'm birdie! I sit in a nest and eat some eggs!"

Hmmmm... didn't even touch that one. For now, I'm thinking we won't complicate her 22-month-old sensibilities by explaining that some eggs are for eating, while others actually grow into new birdies. She has plenty of time in the future to figure out the circle of life... in the meantime, she can happily imagine her little birdie friends just chillin' in their nests enjoying an omelet in the mornings. ;)

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