Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Waiting, impatiently...

I am impatient. By nature. Which means it's not my fault... I just can't help myself. Lately, I've been fighting to suppress the most intolerable impatience ever... waiting to find out if this new little baby is a girl or a boy. And we've got two more lonnnnnng weeks to go. Sigh.

But the upside is: last pregnancy, I went into my 20 week ultrasound really hoping for a little girl, and I'll never forget catapulting myself upright on the table and clapping my hands with excitement in the exam room, giddy with joy. This time, I waver between thinking PINK (it's just so much fun being a girl mommy, and I'd really love for Lyla to have a sister) and envisioning BLUE (it'd be fun to experience something different). So assuming we see a happy, healthy baby on that ultrasound screen, regardless of "parts"... I'll be 100% genuinely thrilled either way.

I just can't wait for that "giddy on the table" moment!

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